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Audition Information

Auditions for our Fall Productions will be:
August 15 & 16 for The Secret Garden, Captain Louie Jr., and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Masterclass
September 7 & 8 for Elf Jr. and Late Night Productions

To schedule an audition Click Here

Only one audition per person is necessary.  You will be able to indicate at the time of the audition which areas interest you.

Ohlook's new 18-Month Rule: If you are an adult (over 18) and have performed with Ohlook during the last eighteen months, you don't have to audition for us to be considered. 

If you would like to be considered without audition please fill out this form before the last night of auditions:

On the other hand, if you want to be considered for a role that's very different from what you've done for Ohlook before, then you are more than welcome to audition and show us how perfect you are for that role.


Do I need an appointment? Yes, please click the link above to schedule an appointment. If all the appointments are full, please feel free to drop by and we will try to fit you in.

What should I bring? You should prepare a song (sometimes we have preferences about what kind of song, noted in the audition announcement), and you should bring a legible copy of the piano music for our accompanist, in the key you want. If you are auditioning for a play, please prepare a monologue.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: If you want our accompanist to play your music well, do NOT bring unattached pages of sheet music. Do NOT bring a lead sheet (music with only vocal lines, no piano part). You should either put your music in a three-ring binder or bring a published book. Mark clearly any cuts or changes. If you're bringing a published music book, please break the binding ahead of time so your music lies flat on the music stand. If you put your sheet music into plastic sleeves, make sure the sleeves have a matte finish, not shiny.

Can I sing something from the show? The answer is almost always YES at Ohlook. Other companies often have different preferences.

Do you want me to sing only 16 bars, or more than that? Our best advice is to find a great piece of music about 32 bars, so we don't have to cut you off if we're running late...

What if I have conflicts with the rehearsal schedule? If you have one or two schedule conflicts, we may be able to make accommodations in the schedule. If it's more than that, especially for summer productions, you probably won't be cast because we move at such a quick pace.  PLEASE bring your weekly schedule and any conflicts with you to the audition.

Can I submit a video audition if I can't make it to the scheduled auditions? Yes, we do accept video submissions, although we prefer you audition in person.  Please email
Jill Lord for video submissions.

Do I need a picture and resume? If you have those, bring them. If not, it's not a problem.

I've never worked with Ohlook before -- can I still get a lead? Yes! We often give leading roles to actors who have not worked with us, and we regularly practice colorblind casting.


  • There is also a $100 deposit due at the audition for production classes - if for some reason you are unable to be cast in a show (due to scheduling conflicts) this deposit if refundable as long as those conflicts were communicated BEFORE casting is released.  There are no refunds after casting has been announced.
  • The tuition for students cast in the show is $365 (the deposit counts as part of this).  The balance needs to be paid by the first rehearsal.  There are a limited number of need based scholarships available for each production.  Please email our Education Director, Heather Biddle, if you are interested in applying for a scholarship. 
  • Please read and be familiar with our policies before auditioning

All children, ages 5-18, are invited to audition. Everyone who auditions for a Sophomore, Junior or Senior Production will be cast in the show! Those who audition should come prepared to read from the script provided and to sing a song of your own choice. Beginners may sing any song you are comfortable singing. Advanced performers should choose a song from traditional musical theatre (no pop/top 40) and bring sheet music in your key. An accompanist will be provided, or you may bring a CD or cassette (music only – no vocals). A CD/cassette player will be provided. Please come dressed to dance, and wear appropriate, closed-toe shoes – no sandals, please! 

All students are required to serve on a production committee (about a 3 to 5 hour commitment). Details will be provided at auditions.

There will be a required parent meeting on the first rehearsal for each show.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no previous experience. Is this the right production for me? Will I be cast in the show?
Yes! We welcome and encourage newcomers to audition for our shows. You will not be the only new person at auditions. Our long-time participants will welcome you and help you feel comfortable in our group. We are here to have fun and make new friends, so all new people are very welcome to join us. The audition process is our chance to get to know you and to see what your performance skills are at this time. This is a no-pressure audition, because everyone who auditions will be cast in the show. We only hold auditions to help us decide which role is right for you.

When will I find out what part I will play in the show? 
You will receive an email within one week of your audition telling you your part. You will also receive our detailed rehearsal schedule at the first rehearsal.

Is there a fee to be in the show?
Yes. There is a down payment of $100 at the audition and the rest of the tuition ($265 for a total of $365) is due at the first rehearsal

I really want to play one of the leads in the show. Is it going to be enjoyable to participate if I don’t get the part I want?
Yes! We encourage everyone to accept and embrace the fact that most people in our cast will be in the Chorus, which is great fun. You are going to learn a lot of songs, dances and get to be in a significant amount of the show.  While you might be disappointed at first, please trust us that you will eventually have a great time no matter what role you play in the show. Staying in the show, even if you are disappointed with your role, is the best way for you to learn, grow and possibly play a larger role in a future production. If you drop out because you didn’t get the role you wanted you will miss out on a lot of fun and special memories with good friends. We have no “stars” or “divas” at Ohlook, and we hope everyone who auditions will come with a cooperative, positive attitude that the show must go on!